We have A03 Frist (Class of '52 Room) from 2PM until 9:45 PM
The plan is for a Diplomacy game, but other boardgames will be available.

Any volunteers to GM a roleplaying session?

May 24 In History:
1595: Leiden University Library becomes the first institutional library ever to publish a printed catalog.
1626: Purchase of Manhattan Island.
1830: First U.S. revenue trains run on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which at this point only runs from Baltimore to other points in Maryland.
1940: First successful flight of a single-rotor helicopter.

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Future Schedule At-A-Glance

Our meetings are always on Saturdays.

Our normal time & place is 2PM until 2AM in Frist A03 (Class of '52 Room, next to the Galeria).

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Boardgames: Our open boardgaming events frequently involve short, quick-to-learn, quick-to-play games. However, periodically alumnus Shantanu Saha comes down to help people learn long, complex, challenging games such as Avalon Hill's "Civilization" or Mayfair's "18xx" series of rail games.

Roleplaying Games:

Robert West frequently runs World of Rachlem, a fantasy role-playing campaign using the PrinceCon rule system the SGU has developed for its annual roleplaying convention. The PrinceCon system is an Open Game License game closely related to D&D3.5.

About Us

For more than 30 years, the Princeton Simulation Games Union (often referred to as the SGU) has been meeting weekly to play board games, role-playing games, card games and more. Members include Princeton University students, alumni, faculty, staff and enthusiastic gamers from the local community.

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A scene from Princecon, the SGU's annual roleplaying convention (held the first weekend of spring break)

Looking for Princecon information? Princecon (the annual fantasy role-playing marathon) has a new home at